About this site

Having been privileged to see a host of wonderful wildlife subjects I have done my best to achieve a reasonable photograph whenever possible. On this site you will find my better attempts at capturing their beauty and fascination, or at the very least a record shot to help with identification until I manage a better image in the future.

I have done my best to ensure that identifications and any information is correct but I do not profess to be an expert in all wildlife matters so will gratefully accept any corrections or amendments which can be brought to my attention via the comments facility below, along with any other feedback which will help me to make improvements to the site.

Where possible I have organised the birds and insects galleries into a fairly structured form, arranged so that subjects largely appear in the order that they would in a relevant guide book which I trust , along with the 'search' facility, will help you navigate to any chosen subject. I intend to add details and information about the subjects and the images over time which I hope will prove interesting, but this is a work in progress, so please return regularly as the range of images, subjects and details expands, and better images of subjects are added.

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